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How far we could go in Louisiana with a vision. We certainly will go nowhere without it. Lance Harris and team Jindal just wasted 3 years fighting over a TWO TENTHS OF CENT dispute in sales tax rates. Now Lance, who wants to be your next Speaker of the Louisiana House is focused on returning the Jindal era chaos he helped create in Louisiana. Lance's world consists of opposing anything that makes sense, destructive partisan posturing, and getting paid with your tax dollars as a legislator to lobby for much higher gas prices for you so he can line his pockets.


We all remember the chaos Lance and Bobby Jindal created. Reasonable legislators and Governor Edwards have now achieved fiscal stability. Lance is obsessed with destroying that. He thinks a 100 million to 300 million dollar surplus is a big problem after he and Jindal created 1 billion dollar deficits. Let's look at the numbers: A 300 million dollar surplus relative to the state budget is the equivalent of a family earning 60,000 dollars per year having 600 dollars left over at the end of the year. That sounds conservative and prudent to me. Real folks in that position would try to save a little of that but would realize that some of that should be spent to build their future. It would be prudent to replace a set of unsafe tires or repair a hole in the roof that will lead to more expensive damage later. But the reasonable, prudent behavior that real folks must exercise to survive and prosper is not what Lance and his reckless cronies are about. They are about sacrificing Louisiana for their own agenda. He says the real problem we face in Louisiana is we are paying 45 cents more on a 100 dollar purchase than we should. To get a headline, Lance wants to sacrifice our bond rating again, increase the state's cost of borrowing, and make sure we have no money at all for desperately needed bridges in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles.

Here is the ultimate in hypocrisy: Lance Harris wants to return us to fiscal chaos over 45 cents sales tax on a hundred dollar purchase but proposed legislation to make you pay 4 dollars more on a hundred dollar gas purchase to line his pockets.

I asked a friend of mine who has helped elect much of the political leadership in Texas how they get things done there. I wanted to know how the political consensus to build the roads around Texas and lay the foundation for 70 Billion dollars in coming infrastructure development happened there. This is what he said:

"In Texas when I bring a candidate in to meet with donors and activists they first ask the candidate for their vision to build the future for Texas. In Louisiana they only ask what the poll numbers are and about their own special deals. While folks in Texas look after their own interests, they have a bigger vision for the state that is not seen here. They have been laughing at Louisiana fighting over 20 to 45 cents on a 100 dollar purchase and building a tremendous economy while Louisiana is stuck on stupid. The Republican government in Texas is lead by folks with a vision like Reagan had or Louisiana Republicans had before the Louisiana GOP was hijacked by the Jindal team. What scares me for Louisiana is those same Jindal folks are running two gubernatorial campaigns in Louisiana right now. If Team Jindal gets back in power just as some stability has come, I don't think Louisiana could recover in 50 years"

If you open a thesaurus and look for an antonym for "conservative" you will find "reckless". Reckless Lance Harris and the team that wants to return chaos to Louisiana are not conservative. In fact they are just the opposite. It's time for LAGOP voters, donors, and activists to put and end to their insanity and insist on leaders dedicated to a positive, prosperous, fiscally sound future for Louisiana.

Richard Lipsey
Lifelong Republican
Put Louisiana First

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