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We will never forget THE Warren Morris home run.

 Heck, let's watch it again!



That is the story of Louisiana and America. At crunch time courageous heroes show up and make the difference. There is no doubt that Warren Morris is a hero for hitting THE home run. But he could have done nothing if the whole team hadn't kept the opponent's numbers down so the battle could be won. That's what our Governor is asking us to do. We want you to do it in a positive way for your family and the entire Louisiana family.

Together we have survived storms, wars, and pandemics in the great history of Louisiana. Smart and brave fellow citizens are already making great progress toward defeating COVID-19. Here is how you can honor their efforts, win personally, and win for Louisiana.

Start each day with a specific plan and zero panic.

Limit your news consumption just to get the information you need so it does not consume each day's great opportunity to be productive. We suggest two news checks maximum, one at the beginning and one at the end of your day. A full day of "breaking news" interaction will steal the greatest gift you have today, the day itself.

There is no supply chain disruption so shop with a plan in a way that benefits your family and neighbors. Try to shop just once a week and stock up just for the following week. This reduces your exposure and helps stores manage safe traffic levels and reasonable inventory. Consider including one senior or underserved household in your weekly shopping trip to eliminate their need to shop at all. Make a safe delivery to their doorstep weekly as part of your weekly trip.

Get outside!! Everyday and for as long as possible.
While remaining socially distanced get outside and exercise. Ironically, the ugliness of the virus has been accompanied by some of the most beautiful weather in memory.

If you know a senior without a device that allows them do Facetime or Skype with family and friends deliver them a properly sanitized and safely delivered device. Keeping them connected to those they love can provide health building joy.

Support our Governor and his team in their efforts for Louisiana.
Our Governor has shown servant leadership and wisely prevented some national media attempts to bring politics into Louisiana's battle for our people. John Bel Edwards has served us well. Let's support the guidance from his office in regard to our interactions with our fellow citizens, and just focus on daily solutions for the challenges we face together.

The people of Louisiana are what make our state special and our true wealth. Tragically we have already lost some special people. Your actions today and tomorrow can limit our loss and protect your family. In the days to come, together we will build the greatest Louisiana and America that has ever existed. We will do that in honor of the great folks lost in the battle and all the heroes keeping our great state and nation going until we win this together.


Richard Lipsey and Terrell Brown


Put Louisiana First


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